3. more Northern Spark : It was great going out with professionals again. I gotta thank my former neighbor Brent Johnson of the Producers Consortium for giving me the call.

  4. The great thing about these photos: I got paid. I went out with a video crew and was doing still documentation. Northern Spark was street art in extremis, it was pouring, as in sheets, buckets, torrents. This was image collateral for the Intel Galileo install which drove the interactive light show at Orchestra Hall.  more to follow

  5. just too lazy too make this into a gif… an interactive light show using the InteI Galileo processor, at Orchestra Hall in Minneapolis… part of Northern Spark which happened while the EyeO Festival developers conference was in town. .

  6. powerful-art:

    Strassenecke (Street Corner), 2003  

    Julian Faulhaber

    (Source: mpdrolet, via thelifestyledevelopment)

  7. now we’re talking

    (Source: matthewryanholtkamp)

  8. photojojo:

    Though we definitely don’t recommend trying this out with your own drone, Jos Stiglingh captured some incredible footage by flying his DJI Phantom 2 through a July 4th fireworks show.

    Flying a Drone Through a July 4th Fireworks Show

    via Fubiz

    what can you say, but oh say can you see …