Over the past decade or so, I’ve denied myself books. The state of mind that permits reading seemed to have evaporated or have been beaten down into submission. Before going on the road I amputated my remaining photography book collection and am down to 3-4 wine boxes of the essentials both in terms of imaging and writing.

Back in the 80’s the bookstores in San Francisco were wide ranging and magnificent. From remainder shops to what’s happening now to various eclectic foci. 

A similar feeling arose when walking into Faulkner House Books in New Orleans, that I had when entering A Gallery For Fine Photography. It was an entrance to a jewel, that seems to be a specialty in New Orleans. Formerly William Faulkner’s residence, it is now a great book store devoted to Southern authors.

What drew my eye, besides the books on New Orleans cocktails, was a complete row of poetry books from Everyman’s Library. I grew up with the originals; my parents had at least 2 dozen various books from the EL. At Faulkner House I picked the obvious ones for my self: Beat Poems & Zen Poems.

EL also went through a re-design that is truly marvelous. For details see this blog entry from Barbara Wilde. For a more historical look go here

I intend to truly waste time fruitfully by reading more. . 

With 100 volumes a man may be intellectually rich for life.

- Joseph M. Dent, founder of Everyman’s Library.